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Product Design
Trailsafe is a wearable provided to hikers who enter National Parks that will give Park Rangers and Medical Staff a quick and accurate device to locate an individual if they become lost or injured.

The Concept

After reading a news article about a hiker who slipped, fell about 100 feet down the side of a cliff and spent days immobilized before they were rescued, I wondered what could be done to potentially save lives in the event a tragedy occurs in an isolated region?

Trailsafe was designed to be a wearable that reacts specifically to shock but can be activated at any point the wearer needs assistance. Cell phones can be destroyed in a fall and reception in remote regions can be non-existent. Fortunately, Trailsafe would be designed with remote area GPS tracking to ensure a signal is sent to emergency services when a potential accident occurs. 

The shock from a fall would trigger the device and alert the authorities but the device can also be used to alert authorities if the wearer is lost, out of resources or is in danger.

The logo itself plays off of the typography and the rugged nature of the device as well as the primary environment envisioned for the device. 

The wearable itself would be built using elastomeric materials for increased shock-absorption and designed with a topographic texture encompassing the band with the Trailsafe logo serving as the indicator light. 

The “on” state is a soft gradient light but will change to red in the event of a fall or yellow when a user activates the device manually. The device has depressions on the top that when pressed by a wearer, will activate a response from authorities with the visible yellow light. Another press will deactivate and flash green before going back to the “on” state.