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Booz Allen – The Helix

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Assisting Booz Allen in The Helix, their Center for Innovation, we led Creative Direction and UX for 3 new activations in their high-tech space.
Booz Allen

We were tasked with creating 3 new activations within The Helix centered around Digital Twins, Big Health Data, and the Indo-Pacific Region.

Taking advantage of the massive space within The Helix, we worked with additional vendors to provide Creative Direction, Copywriting, Storyboarding, UX Design, Brand Design, an actual digital twin of The Helix, and many weeks of Subject Matter Expert interviews and reviews to develop 3 unique, immersive experiences that educate and inform Helix guests.

Features within the activation include an interactive game demo, an Intel depth-mapping 3D camera exhibit, a walkthrough of the Helix Digital Twin, and a CMS-driven, AI-assisted choose-your-own-adventure experience.